18 August 2011

true luv! :)

the love of god is very different from everything else .. when love brings sorrow to mankind, only the love of god bring peace .. love when people bring ruin, only to god to bring happiness .. rather, the love of god is the true love that would bring real happy when the world & the hereafter .. that is why, when the power of love to the god above all things, man will not be afraid to confront the failure of love between fellow human beings .. and a deep devotion to the gods would not make such a hurry to pronounce a word of love to your loved ones ... we must realize that the love of god are the best people in love are a must have .. however, this awareness is sometimes difficult to translate into ordinary sentences, cause we fail to understand the meaning of true love to the gods ... love the people over to an overpass, while the love of god it will actually give peace & happiness .. but there is no doubt that every human has a very beautiful love ... want to love & be loved & wanted to love them at the end of the marriage .. love is with the beautiful, sometimes very scary, because the failure of love to make people suffer & feel life has no meaning .. then there was the bitterness of love is so frustrating & painful feelings .. there is no greater love than the love of god & his Prophet .. then, when making love, not love it more than the love of god & his Prophet ....

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